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  • Shower Filter RS503 for Low Pressure

Rainshowr RS503 Shower Filter for Low Pressure

Quick Overview

  • Item no longer available - please see Culligan filtered shower head as an alternative
  • Luxurious shower without the irritation of chlorine
  • Enjoy smooth skin and soft hair with reduced irritation of eczema
  • No more chlorine smell or breathing problems from chlorine fumes
  • Fuss-free and quick to install
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Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

Luxurious shower without irritation

Chlorine in bathing water can be very harsh for sensitive skin, making it even more dry and irritated. Many people with eczema and skin disorders cannot swim in swimming pools for this reason. Chlorine is used in our water to disinfect and kill bacteria to make it safe to drink. Unfortunately chlorine’s attraction to and corrosion of organic matter does not end at the bacteria in the water. It will also attach to your hair, skin and lungs as they are all organic.

Reduction of smell and breathing issues

Many people are so used to the smell and taste of chlorine that they no longer notice it. With the Shower Filter RS503 for Low Pressure you will have no smell of chlorine and the benefits should be noticeable very quickly. The chlorine attaches to your skin, hair and lungs, it can cause dryness and itching and irritation of the airways. With these chlorine shower filters the problem is solved.

Quick and Easy to install

If you’re regularly on the move or in rented accommodation the Shower Filter RS503 for Low Pressure is easily transportable and offers you filtered bathing water on tap wherever you are and with very little fuss.