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  • Raycop Anti-Allergy Bed Vac Rental

Raycop Anti-Allergy Bed Vac Rental

Quick Overview

  • Out of stock - No longer available
  • Kills dust mites and bacteria in your bed
  • Sucks up dead dust mites and their faeces
  • Reduces asthma and other symptoms of dust mite allergy so that you feel clear-headed and rested, ready for the day
  • Available for rental only

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

The Raycop reduces your exposure to dust mites by killing the dust mites as well as the bacteria that enables them to break down the dead skin cells on which they live. The vacuum cleaner sucks up dead dust mites and their faeces which are collected in a small cartridge filter. 

The Raycop can be used on mattresses and bedding, carpets, soft furnishings, and upholstered furniture remembering that the surface must be flat in order for the UV-C light to function. The UV-C light will not function on dark surfaces. The Raycop needs to glide slowly over the whole surface of the mattress or item you are cleaning. We recommend using the Raycop every day for the first week on a used mattress. Since dust mites will fully colonise a mattress within six months it is then necessary to encase your mattress and bedding in dust mite proof cases for continuous protection. The Raycop is available to rent for this purpose. Not recommended for use on down and feather pillows and duvets. Anyone with a sensitive skin complaint should not use the Raycop without consulting their doctor. Always keep it out of reach of children.

The Raycop can be used with or without the vibrating pad function. This vibration shakes the dust mites free of the mattress so that they can be vacuumed up. Always follow the instructions for use and never cover the safety sensors.

The Raycop has two settings. One setting uses the UV-C anti bacterial light, vibration and vacuum function for use on beds and other soft furnishings. The other setting uses the UV-C anti-bacterial light and the vacuum function for use on flat surfaces that do not require the vibrating pad. Always ensure that you use the correct start up procedure to ensure your own and your family’s safety. UV-C light can cause serious damage to your eyes and skin. The Raycop has two sensors located on the underside of the vacuum cleaner that immediately turn the UV-C light off when the machine is removed from the flat cleaning surface. Never cover the sensors.

Information on replacement filters and UV-C lamps is contained in the user manual.