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  • Replacement Filter Set 101 for Thomas Perfect Air

Replacement Filter Set for Thomas Vacuums

Quick Overview

  • Item no longer available
  • This replacement filter set keeps your Thomas vacuum cleaner running smoothly
  • Filters fit all Thomas vacuums, including the Allergy Pure, Pet and Family and Animal Pure
  • Set contains 1 x Special hygiene protection filter, 1 x active carbon filter, 1 x micro exhaust filter and 2 x pollen filters
  • Keeps your Thomas vacuum cleaner working to its optimum performance!

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

This official Thomas replacement filter set helps you to keep your vacuum cleaner running smoothly and effectively. Fits all models including Perfect Air Allergy Pure, Animal Pure and Pet & Family.

Here's what's included in the filter set:

1 x Special hygiene HEPA filter and 1 x active carbon filter*

Both of these filters can be cleaned as necessary or at least every six months. It’s time to replace them if the suction power does not improve significantly after cleaning, or if the filters are heavily soiled. Both need to be replaced annually.

To keep these filters clean, remove them from your vacuum cleaner with the cover open. Carefully knock out the dirt from both then rinse the HEPA filter, but never rinse the activated carbon filter.

1 x micro exhaust filter

This filter needs to be replaced when it gets dirty, or at least every 12 months.

To replace the micro exhaust filter, push down on the two plastic clips on the cover of the exhaust, and then open it. Remove the existing filter and insert the new one. Close the exhaust cover carefully so that the two clips click back into place.

2 x Pollen filters*

You need to replace these filters once they get dirty or are damaged. Do not leave them longer than 12 months.

*Pollen filters fit the Allergy Pure model