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Whole House and Drinking Water Systems Offers

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Drinking Water Filter Systems

We are encouraged to drink up to 2 litres of water each day, which makes the quality of that water so important. Having filtered drinking water on tap can give you an unlimited supply of water free from chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals and oestrogens.

At The Healthy House we believe we can only endorse our products if we are comfortable with their performance. Our drinking water and whole house water filtration products have all been independently tested. 

Whole House Water Filter Systems

Our whole house water filter systems remove chlorine from all water entering the home.  Chlorine attacks organic compounds (people are organic) so it will dry your skin and also affect your airways. This may affect asthma and ezcema.  Our systems are proven to remove particles which can collect in the pipes that bring water to your house.These particles can be rust, metal and sediment. 

We understand that you may have some practical concerns and queries regarding how a whole house water filter system might work in your home. This is covered in depth within our blog post as we have gathered our most FAQ on this topic.  If you have further questions, please contact one of our friendly team in the office. 

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