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  • Silver Luxwell Down and Feather Pillow High

Silver Luxwell Down and Feather High Support Pillow

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  • High support luxury down and feather pillow
  • Antibacterial silver technology fights dust mites, mould, odours, bacteria and other microorganisms

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Availability: Out of stock

High support luxury down and feather pillow

Generously filled with 70% new European silver treated down and 30% silver treated small feathers (sterilised, heat treated and de-dusted), this highly comfortable pillow combines luxury with practical technology. Ideal if you suffer from mould allergy, dust mite allergy or night sweats, this pillow has powerful antibacterial and anti-allergen properties.

Antibacterial silver technology fights dust mites, mould, odours, bacteria and other microorganisms

Unlike most antibacterial materials on the market today Silver Luxwell pillows and duvets use natural silver to eliminate bacterial growth, dust mites, and other microorganisms.

Silver Luxwell makes it possible for people with allergies to experience a life without dust mites in their bedding because the silver eliminates the fungi that dust mites need to live on. Dust mites consume minute particles of organic matter. However, as dust mites have a simple gut they can only digest  food that has been pre-decomposed by fungi. The silver stops fungal growth eliminating the dust mites' source of food.

Every night, you emit more than ½ litre of fluids, some of this in your breath but most of it in the form of sweat. That sweat is absorbed into your duvet and pillows transforming your bedding into a breeding ground for bacteria. Silver Luxwell prevents your bedding from becoming the ideal habitat for fast-reproducing bacteria, mould, and dust mites.

Silver technology naturally fights bacteria
An individual bacterium can split into two copies of itself every 20 minutes.  The result of such rapid reproduction is that a mere six hours can mean the difference between one bacterium and one million bacteria.

As a bacterium divides, it builds a wall down through its centre. When this wall is complete, the bacterium splits into two along the edge of the wall. Bacteria reproduce most quickly in environments with high humidity and temperatures between 20-40C - just the sort of environment you find in the average bed. When in contact with particles of silver, bacteria lose the ability to divide and reproduce.

Beats dust mites by removing their food source
Dust mites, however, are not single-celled organisms; they are arachnids, like spiders. Silver Luxwell® fights off dust mites not by preventing them from reproducing but by removing their bacterial food source, making this new technology a perfect alternative for those with allergies.