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The Homeopathic Approach

Homeopathy can be very useful for helping with allergic conditions By Dr Anthony Fox 

Homeopathy was established by Dr. Samuel Hanneman between 1790 and 1800. Many former 'savants' realised the principle but Hanneman worked out the logic and the mechanism. It is very simple. You take one part of the starter substance (usually called a Mother Tincture), which can be of anything. This is mixed with 100 parts water and alcohol, shaken hard in an enclosed glass tube with at least 50 successions. One part of this is then diluted again in 100 parts of water and alcohol, then the process is repeated. When this has been done 6 times you have created a low potency homeopathic medicine.

It is extremely surprising that these medicines have a therapeutic effect. Contemporary science finds this hard to accept especially when high dilutions are reached.

No 1 1 part starter + 100 parts water 1/100 10-2
No 2 1/10,000 10-4
No 3 1/100,000 10-6
No 4 1/100,000,000 10-8
No 5 1/10,000,000,000 10-10
No 6 1/1,000,000,000,000 10-12

The serial dilution is actually extremely useful range of homeopathic medicines of many different substances. The trouble is that when the point of 10-12 is passed "Avogadro's Number" is passed. According to the physical theory no measurable molecules can be found. Therefore according to contemporary medical theory the substance can't have a reaction. But it does! In fact repeated observations tell that activity continues well beyond this point. It does in fact go through a sinusoidal type curve of reactions of effect and non-effect. Jack Benveniste showed this extremely well with his basal cell experiments. Many people find this very hard to understand and very hard to accept but I think that once you regard life as having definite bio electrical activity rather than just physical and chemical mechanisms then one begins to understand what is going on. If there were no definite activity in Homeopathic potencies I personally would not have spent the last 28 years of my life engrossed in Homeopathic medicine.

Experience shows that Homeopathic potencies (medicines) can be made from any substance and they provide extremely good antidote to the observed effect for the basic substance when it is a crude form. Numerous experiments have been done in the past 100 years or more in this respect. Time and repetition have proved the point. You can take any food substance (such as milk, yeast) or environmental allergens (such as house dust / mould), prepare suitable homeopathic potencies of them and they will provide good antidotes for those basic substances BUT YOU MUST find the homeopathic strength required and unfortunately this varies according to each person who suffers from the hypersensitive reaction to that substance. There is no standard strength. You can try to find this by trial and error, guess work or if you have been trained in certain bio electronic techniques this is extremely useful too but you need to work through strengths of 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c, 10c, 11c, 12c and then perhaps you can jump to 30c and jump again to 100c, 200c and even 1,000c also known as 1M.

Other medications can be given to treat the original cause of the complaint. This depends largely on what you (the patient) thinks was the original cause. For instance if you are convinced it was an infection you could try giving one or two doses of a homeopathic fully prepared diluted preparation of that infection. The strength 30c is commonly used throughout the literature. We are now really entering the realm of professional homeopathic practice. It is one of the reasons why at least 4 years training is required to qualify in homeopathy. So if you want to pursue the matter then I strongly recommend the readership does consult suitably qualified and experienced homeopathic practitioners for this particular realm. I have simply given to you the readers a glimpse of what can be done.

By Dr Anthony Fox