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  • Universal Earthing Mat

Universal Earthing Mat

Quick Overview

  • Item no longer available
  • Connect with the Earth while you work with this grounding mat
  • Can be used on your desk as a keyboard or mouse mat, or alternatively as a grounding foot pad
  • May help to improve your wellbeing at work or home

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

An easy way to connect to the Earth’s electrical field indoors

For many years, people have reported a number of health benefits from earthing, the practise of connecting your bare skin with the Earth’s natural supply of free electrons. Also known as grounding, many people swear by this process, claiming health benefits such as:

  • Reduced anxiety, stress and electrical sensitivity
  • Improved healing and recovery from injuries
  • Improved sleep, digestion and immunity


Dr. Mercola has described earthing as a way to “help radically reduce inflammation, which is widely acknowledged as one of the primary factors contributing to premature aging and chronic disease."

Earth yourself at home or work with this versatile mat

This conductive grounding mat enables you to earth yourself indoors, at any time of the day, while sitting or standing. You can use it on your desk at work as a keyboard and mouse mat, connecting the bare skin on your wrist or hand to the earth via the wiring in your plug socket.

You can use it at home while watching television or reading a book or even in bed, as a foot pad. As long as an area of your bare skin is in direct contact with the mat, you’ll be able to enjoy the potential health benefits of earthing without having to go outside.

This soft and flexible mat is made with a foam core and has a special conductive carbon coating. The mat is supplied with a 4.6m cord and earth connection. 

Instructions recommend that you test your sockets to make sure they are earthed. Most buildings nowadays are earthed. If you are unsure as to whether your sockets are earthed, we offer an Earth Socket Tester so that you can check.