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Using the Bio-Life Allergy Sprays

Brand Function Usage Application Rate   
Bio-Life FabriCleanse™ 

To neutralise dustmite, pet, pollen and mould allergens in laundry & carpets. To clean mould from tiles and walls.

 Routine for washing bed clothes. 

 Every 3 months for carpet cleaning.

 Can also be used on tiles and walls for mould removal.
  1. Laundry
    Add 50ml to the detergent compartment of your washing machine at the start of the cycle.
  2. Carpet cleaning
    Add 1ml per litre of carpet cleaning fluid, vacuum when dry.
  3. Mould
    1ml per 1 litre of water for cleaning mould from tiles and walls.
Bio-Life HomeCleanse™

To neutralise dustmite and pollen particles and pet allergens in mattresses, sofas, curtains & other soft furnishings.

 Once per month for dust mite and pet allergy. Use once per  week during the pollen season. Keep windows and doors  shut.  General allergy cleaning
Spray at the rate of 4 pump sprays per sq metre. Allow to dry for 2 - 3 hrs the vacuum.
Bio-Life AirCleanse™ To neutralise pet allergens, dust mite, mould and pollen particles in the air. Twice a week for the first two weeks and once a week thereafter. Use daily during the pollen season. General allergy cleaning
1 spray per 5 cu metres of room space. Dust and vacuum room after 2-3 hours.