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Water Filter Offers

FILTERED WATER ON TAP - Save 10% with code GHG7418 ends 21st April

We are delighted to present this offer to readers of The Guardian Homes and Garden supplement. It includes selected products shown below - undersink drinking water filter systems and the whole house water filter systems. 

We are encouraged to drink plenty of water, but are you concerned about what you might be ingesting from that water?

Recent coverage in the press has alerted the public to microplastics in both tap and bottled water. In 2017 Orb Media commissioned a study to investigate plastics in tap water. Microplastics were evident in 72% of samples from the UK, France and Germany. The Healthy House has been championing quality, independently tested water filter systems since 1991.  These remove a variety of elements for a continuous supply of filtered, good tasting water.

Undersink Drinking Water Filter Systems

We offer a range of drinking water filter systems, from single to triple units, with a choice of filters. This allows you to select filters according to your requirements. The Ultracarb filter, (available for all undersink units) removes a wide range of substances including chlorine and trihalomethanes, organic compounds (bacteria and some viruses, herbicides, pesticides and oestrogens), rust and other particles, lead and heavy metals, sediment and microplastics*. 

Whole House Water Filter Systems

The main benefit of a whole house water filter system is the removal of chlorine from all the water in your home. This relieves potential irritation when washing up, bathing and showering. Chlorine can affect skin, hair and lungs. Studies have suggested that it can aggravate respiratory problems including asthma and irritate eczema-susceptible skin.  Heavy metal or fluoride reduction filters can be chosen alongside the main filter.

The Healthy House recommends a drinking water system (currently offered with two free glass bottles) alongside a whole house system.

 For further information: Undersink Water Filter Systems and Whole House Water Filter Systems