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Benefits of Filtered Drinking Water

Great for your Health

Great for your health

Put your mind at ease in the knowledge the water you drink and bath in doesn't contain any of the nasties to be found in our water supply.
From chlorine and fluoride to bacteria and organic compounds these impurities can have have far reaching effect on our health. They can aggravate our allergies and even cause longer term effects to our well being.

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Perfect CuppaPerfect brew

Ever noticed how your tea or coffee can taste so different from one place to the next? To make a consistently great tasting cuppa only clean filtered water will do. Our range of drinking water filters can offer you just that and you can actually taste the tea. Imagine turning on your tap and having the perfect cuppa available 24/7. Sit back and relax with your favourite brew. A water filter is not a softener so it will not remove the hardness from your water

Saving MoneySaves you money

You can save yourself a small fortune with filtered water on tap. You shouldn't have to buy another bottle of water again so you will be doing your bit for the environment as well

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Tasty CookingTastes great & so does your cooking

Ever noticed how water can taste so different and often very unpleasant from place to place. This can be down to the chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants in your water. This can have a knock on effect for your cooking as well.

Only a water filter can ensure you have great tasting refreshing drinking water on tap and your cooking delivers the great tasting dishes you desire.