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Benefits of Alkaline Water

What does Alkaline mean

Alkalinity refers to an object’s pH balance (potential for hydrogen). In the case of the human body, too many hydrogen ions means less oxygen is available to the cells and leads to higher acidity. Conversely, fewer hydrogen ions means more oxygen available to your cells, leading to a more alkaline or basic state. “Experts say that disease cannot exist in an alkaline state.” 1

The acid/alkaline state is represented as a number between 1 and 14. Neutral is 7. The numbers 1 to 6.9 represent how acidic a substance is. The lower the number the the stronger the acidity. 7.1 to 14 shows how alkaline or basic a substance is. So, the higher the number the more alkaline a substance is. A substance with a pH of 1 is a very strong acid and will burn. Similarly, at the other end of the scale, if the alkalinity is 14 it is very strong basic substance and will also burn.

Body Alkalinity

There has been a considerable amount written about making your body more alkaline. 

Your body will strive to be slightly alkaline. The ideal pH level is 7.3 to 7.45. If your diet is too acidic and you do not consume sufficient alkaline foods and water, your body will draw calcium from your bones to bring your body up to an alkaline state. This can lead to feeling tired and in the long term weaken your bones and result in osteoporosis.

Alkaline Water

It is a known fact that our bodies are about 60% water. Also it is generally recommended that we drink at least 2 litres of water a day to stay hydrated. This should be filtered water that has the chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and oestrogens removed.

There are two options when choosing a water filter that will alkalinize your water.

  1. You can choose a system that will give you water that has a pH of 7.2 - 7.4. This will give you water that is balanced to the ideal pH level of your body.
  2.  The other alternative is to choose a water filter system that will raise the pH to 8 to 9. This will help to counterbalance acidity in the body

It is important not to drink water that is too alkaline. The Government recommends that the pH level of water from private water supplies must be less than 9. This would also apply to filtered water.