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Fluoride filters for the home

Fluoride occurs in water supplies in some areas of the UK, whether naturally occurring or artificially added by the water companies. To find out whether your tap water at home contains fluoride and at what level, contact your supplier.

Fluoride is widely believed to help prevent tooth decay, by strengthening the enamel. However, some critics argue that drinking fluoridated water may carry health risks, from an increased risk of hypothyroidism to bone disorders. You can read more on this blog post.

Unlike many water impurities and additives, fluoride is tricky to remove. Most of the standard filter jugs that are widely available today are unable to filter this chemical from the water. You need to use a specialist fluoride removal system instead. Reverse osmosis filters can reduce fluoride levels by up to 98%, along with virtually all minerals and water impurities. If you'd like to retain the mineral content in your drinking water, try one of the Doulton undersink units with a fluoride filter. These contain activated alumina to reduce fluoride levels by up to 75%.

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