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Heavy Metals

Lead and other heavy metals in water supply, how does it get there and what to do

How and what is it

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium can leach into our water supply. These metals originate from the soil as well as from old water supply pipes. Lead and mercury are well known to cause physical and mental issues. These include behavioural problems and learning difficulties, high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease. It can also lower sperm count.

Heavy metals are removed by the Ultracarb filter candle and the heavy metal filters. The KDF in the heavy metal filters in the whole house and shower filters will remove aluminium, lead, copper, cadmium and mercury.

How to remove heavy metals from water

All reverse osmosis filter systems will remove heavy metals and the undersink units with the ultracarb filters and the whole house and shower units with the KDF heavy metal filters will also remove the impurities.

For your benefit we've selected our most popular heavy metal water filters below:

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