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Organic Compounds

What are they and how to deal with them

Organic compounds cover a range of contaminants in our water supply that maybe of concern.

Pesticides and herbicides

Organic compounds like pesticides and insecticides can sometimes find their way into water. They can be found as a result of ‘run off’ from agricultural land. The pesticide and herbicide residues can be significantly reduced using filters containing activated carbon. Reverse osmosis units can remove them completely.

Trace organics and oestrogens

Reports indicate that natural and synthetic oestrogens are getting into our rivers. They can then find their way into our water supplies. There are increasing concerns over the effects of endocrine disruptors and synthetic oestrogens on our health. The activated carbon in our filters is known to remove organic compounds. These compounds include both oestrogen and synthetic oestrogen. Quantitative tests have not been carried out therefore we cannot state how much of these chemicals will be removed. The only way to remove 100% is either distillation or reverse osmosis.

How to remove organic compounds from water

All reverse osmosis filter systems will remove organic compounds and the carbon in the undersink and whole house units will also remove the impurities.

For your benefit we've selected our most popular filters for removing organic compounds below:

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