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Countertop Water Filters

Countertop Water FiltersLooking for water filtration with simple installation?

Look no further! These stylish water filtration solutions offer filtered water without the hassle of installation. They're perfect if you're in rented accommodation or on a limited budget such as a student. They're great if you're on the move. These portable water filters offer solutions to caravanning and boating water purification.

You don't have the added expenditure of a plumber or a need to create space under your sink. These counter-top water filters can be set up in minutes. You can choose between a gravity water filter or one that simply connects to your tap.

The cost of these zero installation water filters is recouped within a very short time from the savings on the purchase of bottled water. Your health will benefit a great deal, your cooking will taste better and you'll be able to brew a better cuppa.

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