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  • Imperial Double Plastic Undersink Water Filter

Imperial Double Plastic Undersink Unit with Choice of Filters

Quick Overview

  • Black Friday - prices reflect 15% discount - offer ends Nov 26th
  • Filtered water on tap without the need of filter jugs
  • Quick and easy to install under the sink
  • Our water filter cartridges have been independently tested

Options for the first filter pod:

  • Pre-filter prolongs the life of main filter saving you money
  • Fluoride filter reduces fluoride for healthier drinking water
  • Limescale filter to reduce build up on kettles

Options for the second filter pod:

  • 5 micron carbon filter to remove chlorine and organic compounds
  • Ultracarb filter has a broad filter capacity including bacteria, chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, particles and trace organic
  • Aquametix carbon filter to remove chloramine, chlorine, VOC's, fluoride, lead, odour, colour and improve taste
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Filtered water on tap without the need of filter jugs

The Imperial Double Plastic Undersink Unit  gives you unlimited filtered water. Perfect for drinking, cooking and for filling your kettle.

Quick and easy to install under the sink

The Imperial Double Plastic Undersink Unit  only requires basic level DIY. You can easily fit it yourself. Some do choose to use a plumber and if so it should be an inexpensive job due to the nature of the installation. It fits uin a standard kitchen cupboard under the sink.

Filter options for the First Filter Pod:
The choice of filters allows you the flexibility to combine two according to your particular requirements.

The Pre-filter removes particles down to 5 micron prolonging the life of main filter saving you money. If you don't have a problem with either limescale or fluoride, the Pre-filter removes excess sediment and particles prolonging the life of the main filter.
The Fluoride filter reduces fluoride for healthier drinking water. Whether added or natural, fluoride in water raises many concerns for your health and well being. The fluoride filter will remove up to 75% of the fluoride. Not required if you choose an AquaMetix filter (see below).
The Limescale remover filter will reduce the limescale from your drinking water reducing the unsightly build up on kettles

Filter options for the Second Filter Pod:
The 5 micron carbon filter is a good basic filter. It will remove chlorine, particles down to 5 microns and organics like pesticides, herbicides and oestrogens but not bacteria.
The Ultracarb filter has a broad filter capacity including bacteria, chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, particles and trace organics. If you live in an area with particularly high impurities in your tap water this would be the filter to choose. It's great for all your cooking and drinking water.
The AquaMetix carbon filter has a broad filter capacity including chloramine, chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, VOC's, particles and trace organics. This is offered for those who now have chloramine added to their water.

For more detailed information on the individual filters view the tabs above for the individual filters.