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Healthy House

Healthy House LogoIntroducing our new range of filters for the Doulton Undersink and Countertop drinking water systems.  We have also added the popular Franke M15 Filters for the customers who had already invested in a water filter.

The supplier of our new filters originally started as a distributor of ceramic water filtration products.  The progression into manufacturing their own line of water filtration products, which are designed to remove the most difficult contaminants, have produced products of a really good standard.  The AquaCera® elements are made in the USA and are tested to meet or exceed ANSI/NSF standards.  The modern manufacturing practices give their ceramic candles a more controlled and consistent pore structure: the inclusion of silver gives the filter bacteriostatic properties which prevent mitosis (grow through) and are self-steralising.  After years of research and development they have brought water filter technology into the 21st century.